Tribal Knowledge Hub

Technical discoveries, solutions and musings from a long time IT professional.


Tribal Knowledge Hub is a technical blog by David Chung. David is a technical professional with over twenty years experience. Throughout a long and varied career he has worked in embedded systems, consumer applications, and enterprise applications. As a consultant and trainer he has worked with numerous Fortune 500 countries in industries including defense, finance, manufacturing and retail. David is a Java expert and has been a subject matter expert involved in the creation of every Sun Java certification as well as a contributing author of several Java books.

One of the things that I have observed over the years is that most organizations do not do a good job of preserving and disseminating technical expertise. Critical information is often only known by a few individuals and there is no way to share it with others — Tribal Knowledge. This blog is an attempt to share some of the tidbits that I have learned over the years covering a wide range of technical topics.

Dave’s current position is Director of Mobile and SOA Technologies at Web Age Solutions, an international Training and Consulting firm based in Toronto. Current technical interests include all things SOA,  JavaScript (for platform independent mobile applications) and PHP (for WordPress).