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I have been blogging for years using primarily using both hosted TypePad and WordPress platforms. I finally decided to put some of my technical expertise to use. All of my existing blogs (and this new one) have been ported to the open source WordPress platform running on the the LAMP platform. LAMP stands for Linus, Apache, MySQL and Perl, PHP, Python. I have used all of these technologies in the past so it seemed to make sense to use them for my blog. All of these are hosted on a virtual private server at

In this blog I will share and categorize some of the technical discoveries I make on the job and in my private exploration. Among the topics I will cover in this blog will be the issues encountered in configuring WordPress. My goal is to record and share so that when others encounter the same issues, they can find the solutions, just as I have on other technical blogs.

Written by Dave

October 19th, 2012 at 6:16 am

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